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A learning community is where people in the community have access, resources and organized support to learn  and where the community learns the people.

The Learning Community is an organization that can be found in the heart of the community. Its' purpose is to serve the community by offering programs designed to  assist children and  adults with mastery of academics, life skills, parenting and personal development classes located in high-need communities. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the community by  providing academic and social-emotional support to students in K-12, through the identification of resources, and the creation of  opportunities for individuals and families to learn, achieve and grow in a safe and supportive environment. Our goal is to act as champions for anyone seeking to improve their lives by engaging in learning.

Our Vision

Support, Teach, Read, Learn, Connect,

Assist, Identify, Collaborate, Advocate, 

Create, Train, Empower,  Encourage, Mentor,

Model, Prepare

To serve as a vital resource  for community members, individuals, parents, families, organizations, and others by providing access to resources, information, education, programming, advocacy and support to children and families that lead to growth, accomplishment, strengthened families and stronger communities.

Our Beliefs

At the Learning Community, we believe:


  • that learning is life-long

  • that effort equals outcome

  • that learning can be fun

  • that relevancy and rapport are key ingredients  to successful learning

  • that learning looks differently depending on the learner

  • that reading skills can impact learning

  • that there is still more to learn

Our committment...

  • focusing on families through parent education that emphasizes positive parenting, healthy relationships, effective communication, personal growth and early childhood development; 

  • supporting city initiatives designed to improve families by strengthening the community; 

  • advocating for families impacted by economic challenges; 

  • connecting children and families to resources and support that help to create a foundation for healthy communities; 

  • providing support to parents with small groups, counseling, educational programming, access to information and parent coaches that work to foster stronger family relationships; 

  • offering activities and programming designed to meet the needs of a diverse and multi-generational community; 

  • hosting events for parents designed to positively impact parenting outcomes 

  • providing out-of-school time programming that improves literacy, math, science, and overall academics; 

  • creating and collaborating with organizations to provide activities and resources that benefit senior citizens in the community that aids in the improvement of children and families and 
  • supporting educational institutions and organizations through collaborative partnerships, educational forums, professional development and ongoing dialogue. 


We are committed to strengthening the community by supporting families, connecting resources and cultivating positive relationships that lead to improved lives, academic advancement, individual growth and increased opportunity.  

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